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Morning Sanctuary Routine!

  • August 21, 2016



(They Can be Our Worst Enemy) OR become our MOST HIGHLY VALUED & MEANINGFUL Hours of Nurturing, Productive, Stage – & Tone Setting Activity’s!

Studies show that our Self Discipline, Energy and Concentration Peaks during the Morning Hours. The Ability to “make things happen” is at optimal levels.

A PLANNED and Scheduled Routine of SELF Nurture during the first waking hour has got the POTENTIAL to Multiply Your and Your Family’s Well Being Immensely!


For this to happen in reality, it is wise to set aside a “Sanctuary” for our self… ENVIRONMENT is “UBER” IMPORTANT for Wellness. I have recently decided to try a new place for this; 2 steps from where I get up, on the floor, in a cozy back-lit corner,  just below our bed. (It can be any “feng-Shui-(ed) small area of peace).

I keep my “travel bag” of Essential Oils & Coconut Oil right there at night – so I could technically trip over the “Self-Care-Station” if not stopping to BREATHE, STRETCH, MEDITATE, CENTER, GROUND AND APPLY WELLNESS to My Self for at the very least 10- 15 minutes, (30-60 minutes if including more targeted exercise).

You See, during the first 15-30 minutes upon Getting out of bed – our  joints, fascia, tendons, ligaments, brain tissue and digestive system re-adapts for “day time activity”, and its a OPPORTUNE time for TLC!! 

Illuminated “Tender-Love-and-Care” PRACTICES!!

  1. Self Massage, on Especially the Kidney, Liver & Spleen Meridians (the inside channels of the legs) – as well as “pouring” several essential oils down the spine and rubbing it in while practicing a deeper belly breathing and (gentle) hip-opening, chest opening stretches… definitely highly beneficial! See Boyd Truman’s  Symphony of the Cells PDF if you want to target a specific body system with (my) favorite essential oil brand – doTERRA CPTG Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil                                                                                                                                                 .
  2. Body – Mind – Connect, There are sooo many great You-Tube tutorials to give us ideas of EASY, SHORT (so we can’t use the “have-no-time” excuse) and if practiced regular; PROFOUND game changing results. If you already have a scheduled exercise routine – just add this routine and reap multiplied results! (This link is a 5 minute yoga “wake up” video – just as an example amongst MANY: YOU-TUBE-YOGA                                                                                                                              
  3. Spiritual Well being,  Mornings are a vulnerable, sensitive, impressionable time – and a KEY time to put a prayer coverage around us. Take a few minutes to very selectively plan and choose the TOP important actions you need to take, to optimally progress in BALANCE, and Happiness. (I personally avoid news and any sound clutter that scrambles the brain – especially in the morning).

These above are some Easy Practices Well Worth Implementing for truly AMAZING long term Benefits & Extended Length of a HEALTHY LIFE!!

Decide to Deeply Commit Your Self to a CANI approach (Constant & Never Ending IMPROVEMENTS) to Health, Wellness & Happiness!!

Mentally Reward Your Progress by Grateful Reflection, and YOUR Journey will become an INSPIRING and ENLIGHTENING one to to those around you!

Interesting Book & Audio Book tip:


100_2733 Morning Blessings!   – Christina Froese

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