Christina Froese 

Holistic Body Work – The Illuminated Wellness STYLE!  

Through the course of 25 +Years of Holistic Body Work, I have developed my own body-work “Style”.

You see, all Natural Wellness Practices in it’s many Modalities and Technics  – always strives to “homogenize” and balance ENERGY (flesh & blood matter).

If we break a body down in to small enough pieces – we will discover that ENERGY ties our physical shape together. EMOTIONS are also energy. Health & Wellness is a PASSION of mine, with many hours of clinic time, working with all walks of life I’ve reached “SIMPLE” philosophy’s.

The mechanic’s and flow of energy can be observed all around us in nature. In the Body – “Holding Patterns” and  “Pinched off Energy” is what I focus on releasing. I’m trained specifically in the below techniques – but the Body Work sessions are never “one size fit’s all” – so generally speaking, a session is a Mix & Mingle of all of the below. I love Yoga as well – and often will refer to Yoga terms and wisdom.

In a “NUTSHELL” Body Work Methods

REFLEXOLOGY * CLASSICAL SWEDISH MASSAGE * DEEP TISSUE * SHIATSU * AROMATOUCH * KINESIOLOGY-CONCEPTS * ACUPRESSURE & ENERGY-WORK CONCEPTS *  IN LIGHT Light Therapy Application * Hot Stone / Warm Compress Applications * Symphony of the Cells Aromatherapy Protocols 

Illuminated Wellness

Dr Hills Famous Aromatouch Technique!

Our body accumulates stress challenges on a daily basis that can leave us feeling Physically Drained & Emotionally Exhausted. Make sure to experience an Aromatouch technique! You will love how you feel!!

💕  Rest & Relaxation Soothing Support
💕  Emotional Clarity Support
💕  Antioxidant Preventative Soothing Support for the Whole Body
💕  Immune System Support & Homeostasis

(Foot) Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient healing art that helps the body re-create a state of homeostasis (dynamic equilibrium) through application of pressure on reflex zones (nerve ending stimulation) on hands, ears and feet. Reflexology helps facilitate the body toward the “rest and restoration mode” by promoting the para sympathetic nerve system response. Big words for saying – it makes you sleepy and relaxed! This is where your body “goes internal” energy is used to heal and repair tissues and transport away dangerous toxins.

Shiatsu  (Acupressure)    

Shiatsu is a Japanese word for “finger pressure” and was developed thru Oriental body work therapies called “An-ma” (press and stroke) and “Tunia” (lift and grasp). Tokujiro Namikoshi was a gifted healer  who made Shiatsu known world wide by curing a well known politician of chronic and very painful back problems, and in 1953 he successfully treated Marilyn Monroe who went home and wrote about it in the States. 

Shiatsu is treating the meridians (channels for energy  flow in the body) and can be described as neuro muscular massage. The treatment includes stretches to free up stagnant energy.

Deep tissue Massage

Deep tissue is a therapeutic sports Massage for those with lots of tensions and overworked muscles, coupled perhaps with lactic acid  buildup from intense training. Deep tissue Massage gets in and opens up the capillary flow to flush the muscles with fresh oxygen-rich blood, and shortens the recovery time of  injuries. (Not for those with low  “pain-thresh-holds”).

Classical Swedish Massage

The classical Swedish massage techniques kneads muscles and relaxes the body as well as feels great! Efflourage – (smooth strokes), petrissage – (friction motions), and various edging and kneading grips improves your wellbeing, flexibility and aids in the body’s internal cleansing process.

Huna Massage (Lomi Lomi)

This style of massage developed in Hawaii is all about the flow! Rhythmical, like the ocean waves Huna works its unique joyful way of de-stressing, un-tangling and loving our bodies. Grounding and re-charging!

Hot Stone & Hot Compress (Towel)

 Soothing! Pampering! Warming and Very Relaxing! Arterial flow Opener – Skin Rejuvenator! Deeply Soothing  for the Body, Mind, Emotions & Soul!