Christina Froese BIO

Christina Froese BIO


My Story…

Born & Raised in Sweden on a farm, I watched my grandpa (who lived next door) help countless people who came to see him with “rygskott” (painfully hurting spastic backs) and many other ailments secondary to that thru massage. He had a big jar of Vaseline (yes, I know…) by his “brits” (massage table), and I remember him always using his thumbs, digging/rubbing deep in the buttock area and inner thighs of his clients.

Many farm-folks who walked into his massage room bent over in pain would walk out upright with a sigh of relief and a smile on their face! Grandpa was taught his tricks of the trade, and how to unlock stiff and rigid bodies by a wise & intuitive midwife at his younger years as the story goes, and he butchered enough pigs on the farm in his life – to know exactly where the sciatic nerve was and the anatomy and functions of the body.

Granpa always stayed away from hospitals or consulting medical doctors on his health, he lived for and loved the summers (at the time of life I can remember from him) when he could go outside to dig in his garden, and he worked with helping people with massage until the age of 81!! He died at 82. (Gustaf Bodell, 1900 – 1982). My dad Goran, and my aunties were also good at “rubbing” sore backs and would help friends in pain.

I picked up the trait, and used it initinally to give my horses massage after a hard training session. They LOVED it! Usually they would hang their heads down – grunt and swayback as I hit the tender spots along their spine. They knew it was good for them and worked with me in delight.


Me, Contest & Luck – 2 of my childhood horses

I went straight from high school to massage school in Stockholm. That was back in 1991, and I don’t think a week has passed since then that I haven’t done at least 1 massage treatment!

Other Holistic Modalities I have since then trained in over the years include;  Japanese Shiatsu, Foot Reflexology, Huna Massage as well as becoming a Certified trainer in Dr. Hill’s Aromatouch Technique.

I thoroughly enjoy studying the Human Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit as well as any technique, positive meditative practice, natural substance or technology that can help us Human Beings feel and Preform our BEST!!

Yoga, Hiking and Weight Training are some of my favorite physical activities!

I’ve worked in Several Spa’s around Campbell River, Discovery Islands & Comox Valley besides my own practice. Other Interesting Work Experiences I’ve had includes; a year and a bit Heli-Logging, building fish ponds, concreting – structural and skim coat overlay work, painting & landscaping to name a few. I do love

I’m Blessed to have 2 wonderful kids! Connor & Corina – and of course my loving hubby Gerry- the Illuminated Carpenter!