• October 19, 2016

The first in a series of videos from yesterday’s doTERRA Business training and Post Convention Tour in Nanaimo with Maree Cottam, Dirk Vanderzee, Jared Auger and our new Canada corporate rep; Russell Shaffer. (Upload time will take a bit 😘)

Essential Facial Massage Video tutorial (Take 1)

  • August 21, 2016

Essential Facial Massage Video Tutorial (Take 1) 

Giving a Nurturing Face Massage is something EVERYONE can easily learn.

(View both the written & video outline below for guidance & direction.)

Think of what you would enjoy when giving a face massage – and TRADE with a friend, or family member for a really amazing Connection and Deep, Profound, Quality (Healing) Time – Emotionally, Spiritually and Physically!!!

Essential Facial Massage Treatment Outline

The Oils for this Massage

Use Fractionated Coconut oil for the “glide”

Add anywhere between 2—5 different Essential Oils during the Massage for the recipient to experience a Deep Relaxation—and addressing their Primary Needs.  Look at the Symphony of the Cells Charts for inspiration. Generally—use the calming floral oil’s, mood blends, and woods ON the Face.  Use the Muscle—lymphatic—skeletal—respiratory oils on neck and décolletage. Let your intuition lead you!!!!

ESSENTIAL OIL CHOICES…    Ask your recipients primary wellness goals / struggles & Concerns. Be intuitive, Let the SKY be the limit!! Use wisdom with hot oils, as well as be aware what the weather is like. Citrus EO’s are awesome—just advise recipient careful not to sunbathe after!

Some Suggestions:     *Lavender—Peace—Console      *Frankincense—Ylang Ylang             *Serenity—Balance            *Clary Sage – Arborvitae – Geranium              *Geranium—Lavender      *Easy Air  – Eucalyptus – Lemon (careful with eyes & Sunshine)    *Citrus Bliss—Cheer (sun warning)     *Elevation—Clary Calm   *Rosemary – Wild Orange – peppermint

Practical Outline

First, Apply Toner to Cleanse Away Impurities

Apply Toner with a Cotton pad to cleanse skin and prepare it for the wonderful Aromas. If time allows—and space is appropriate, do a natural scrub first. Wash off, and then use toner for a nicely glowing skin!

Apply the First (Face) EO to cheekbones, jawline & forehead, avoiding getting too close to the eyes. This EO should be mild and NEAT… like Lavender or Balance. If your choice is a more potent—add FCO, mix and apply.

Pour 5-15 drops of FCO into your cupped palm—and rub hands together, if any time “glide” is too dry—reapply FCO same way.

Start with Efflorage over the whole Face:

*From chin— upward to temples *From cheek bones—rounded upward to temples *From center forehead—outward to temples *From chin—downward on the neck & throat toward collarbones *From Shoulders (Trapezius)—around & behind & upwards on the neck  *From chin—rounded behind ears to meet at crown point *Oricular  massage to the ears

Next—Go a bit Deeper…

*Finger Pressure Friction-Drag-Action from ROOT of Nose—”hook” along Cheek Bones—sweep back.

*Thumb pinch – small circles along Nose Ridge

*Eye Orbit Bony Ridge finger pressure points (fine precision work)

*Temple Pressure Points

*Jaw Pinch along the bone

*Ear/Jaw Pressure Point

*Third Eye & Forehead Pressure Points. Holding “At Peace” a Pressure point for 5-10 Seconds Feels Amazingly Reassuring!

Apply Second (Face) EO

3-5 drops In your hands, cup hands over recipients Nose & Mouth—Encourage 2-3 Deep Breaths.

Spread all over face with the Efflorage techniques above.

Apply First Neck EO 3-5 drops on Neck and Décolletage, Sternum, Thyroid

As Needed—Pour 5-15 drops of FCO into your cupped palm—and rub hands together, if any time “glide” is too dry—reapply FCO same way.

Points to Cover—BOTH SIDES:

* 4-(flat) finger massage down the whole neck & Pectoralis / Delta

*“Kidney 27” Pressure Point and all along the collarbone

*“Lung 1” Pressure Point and Upper Lymphatic Drainage Point

*The Angle of the Jaw bone (get under & hook)

*Occipital Ridge

*Reach and hold finger in the triangle by Atlas/medulla

*Side of Scalp (Gallbladder meridian)

*”Deep Tissue” Jaw work

*Temple work

*Stretch out SCM muscles

*Deeper work on Scalines—down to 1st rib (“superior” hallow spot under clavicle)

*Pectoralis—Delta Massage (grip/rub pull)



The Chinese call it Shen Men, or “The Gate of Heaven.” They believe that putting pressure on this point brings celestial energy to your whole body. It improves your health, decreases stress, and boosts energy. Some believe this pressure point helps relieve addiction and inflammation too.

Re-Center Head Position, and if desired—use one more EO

Thyroid (turkey skin) pinch pull

More Efflorage—full face—SLOW

Finish with Scalp Massage: ”unzip midline” Governing Channel  *Bladder 1 & 2 pinpoints with thumbs parallel *Stand up and shake-comb hair through with spread fingers from forehead backwards *Gently Pull individual strands * if long hair—grab and twist.








Part 2 – Awesome Blogging Wisdom Presentation!!!

  • August 16, 2016

Part 2 – Awesome Blogging Wisdom Presentation!!!

Blogging Wisdom Part 2 by Catherine Temple
How to Optimize Blogging to Build YOUR BRAND, INCREASE your FOLLOWING, EXPAND your REACH and SELL your Product or Service!!!

Thank you Catherine – for freely sharing your Valuable information!!! Catherine Temple is the Owner of

Recording (Part 2) from Toastmasters in Campbell River Tuesday 16th of August 2016.

Awesome Blogging Wisdom Presentation!!

  • August 16, 2016

Awesome Blogging Wisdom Presentation!!!

Thank you Catherine – for freely sharing your Valuable information!!!

Catherine Temple is the Owner of
This info APPLIED with CONSISTENCY, QUALITY, with engagement & SERVICE Mindedness Will Build YOUR
BRAND and SELL your Product or Service!!!
Some of the highlights;
*Quality Useful Information to the Readers/Viewers
*Easy to Share
*SEO Optimized so you will be found
*Pictures worth a 1000 Google Ad Words
And Much MORE!!

Recording (Part 1) from Toastmasters in Campbell River Tuesday 16th of August 2016.

Illuminated TEAM CALL – JULY 19th 2016 July 19-2016 Social Media Sharing with Robyn Harcott

  • July 20, 2016

Illuminated TEAM CALL – JULY 19th 2016 July 19-2016 Social Media Sharing with Robyn Harcott.

A few of the things mentioned from the call tonight…
Who – why – what (target market on-line)
Who do I relate to (could relate to me)?
What are my values? What is my message?
Plan a 6 month strategy
Learn / dab / test new platforms – be curious!
Social Light Suite
Johnleedumas -twitter
Joel Comm